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My Dive into Custom Keyboards

I fell in love with 65% keyboards years ago. Lauding them for their superior layout which is the perfect mix of compactness & efficiency. Spending 10+ hours a day at the computer has me constantly searching to make my setup more and more unique and suited to me.

I have had many keyboard ideas over the years including: Lynx, Sol, Kayak, and more that never saw much daylight. 

Unfortunately I find myself with little time to give to making the above mentioned projects succeed. I will still be around to talk keyboards, attend meetups, and chat on Discord. But my creation of content in this community is going to take a back seat to my other activities going on.

Clack, clack, fellow keyboardists.


Kayak Keyboard

I joined a private group buy for the Canoe keyboard in September 2017, 6 months later I still had no keyboard nor a ship date in sight. Thus I created my own version, the Kayak was born as a meme that tranformed into something beautiful. Thanks to Josh thebeephaha for helping me through the first two revisions.

Donate to download the .dxf and .svg files to cut your own parts to create your very own Kayak Keyboard. This was designed to use a TADA68 PCB.


v2 - As depicted in the photos on this page.

v3 - Design altered to be more like the Canoe.


Fully Programmable: Powered by a TADA68 PCB.

Layout Options: Stepped capslock, and optional ISO plate.

Lighting: In switch LEDs.

Case: Laser cut wood and acrylic.


Hex Head Screws: M2.5 x 25mm

Counter Sunk Screws: M2.5 x 25mm

Nuts: M2.5 x 0.4mm

Bumpons: For supporting the gap between pcb and switch plate


A dream from 2017 in the hayday of my addiction to custom keyboards I decided to try and design my own keycap set. Unfortunately we failed to meet MOQ and the set was scrapped. 


Profile: Cherry
Material: ABS
Legends: Doubleshot Plastic Injected

Made by JTK:   Established in 2014 with the goal of creating quality yet affordable doubleshot ABS keycaps for keyboard communities worldwide.


At 146 keys, this kit is designed to add some compatibility while remaining affordable.

Standard ANSI:

Non-Standard Boards:

LYNX Keyboard

A Split "65%" Keyboard

Your desk just found it's newest reigning cat; Lynx is a powerful and agile keyboard that you'll love to use and show off. Based off the traditional 65% Keyboard layout, the Lynx capitalizes on using standard keycap sizes to create the most functional and smallest split keyboard around. We may be biased, but this is the best split keyboard ever. 

UPDATE: October 2018 - The Lynx will no longer be happening as a kit/GB instead we invite you to Check out the QUEFRENCY65 from


 Layout Options: Lynx supports stepped capslock, split backspace, and a few bottom row options. (Sorry ISO users, no love for you this time around.)


Sol Keyboard

Compact '1800' style inspired keyboard. 

Inspired by many other compact renditions of the 1800 layout or "60% with arrows & numpad" the Sol takes a shape of its own. Drawing inspiration from the following keyboards: